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March 25-29, 2015 – Last Photos of Joyful Transiting the Panama Canal

]These are the last few photos of Joyful transiting the Panama Canal.  I hope you have fun looking at these, especially when you find yourself in the waters of the Pacific Ocean!

92. A bird flew near Joyful in the lower Miraflores Lock.

94. The water descended in the lower Miraflores lock.

95. Flat Mr. Davis watched the water level descend in the lower Miraflores Lock.

96. Jeff was seen on Joyful’s decks in the lower Miraflores Lock.

98. Joyful departed the lower Miraflores Lock.

100. Finished with locks! We are sea level with the Pacific Ocean! So, once well clear of the lock’s entrance/exit doors, Jimmy carefully motored Aventura to come alongside Joyful to give Joyful Aventura’s lines, tires, and line handlers.

101. Aventura was alongside Joyful as we motored toward the Pacific Ocean.

102. Aventura gave Joyful her lines, tire fenders and line handlers.

103. While underway, Aventura transferred her tires, lines, line handlers, and Charlie onto Joyful.

104. Aventura motored away after she transferred to Joyful her lines, handlers, tire fenders, and Charlie. Thank you, and see you later, Jimmy!

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